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The 2022 AL PTI Raising the Standards Conference
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Session 1:
1- Communication plans Benefit
2- Traumatic Brain Injury Screening – TBI Presentation
3- Independent Living Here We Come Check List – Independent Living, Here We Come
4- Underdiagnoses of Girls and Women with ADHD
Session 2:
1- Hispanic Outreach – Hispanic Families
2- Early Intervention
3- Your Mental Health Matters –Your Mental Health Matters PowerPoint
2022 CMHAW Calendar, Children’s Mental Health Awareness vs. Acceptance Infographic, Children’s Mental Health Week Activities 2022, Fact Sheet – Accepting Reality, Fact Sheet – Adapting After Trauma and Stress, Fact Sheet – Dealing with Anger and Frustration, Fact Sheet – Getting Out of Thinking Traps, Fact Sheet – Processing Big Changes, Fact Sheet – Taking Time for Yourself, GBT_ForKids (1), GBT_ForParents, GBT_ForTeens, mendepression-508_142046, MHM 2021 – Additional Resources

Session 3:
1- Guardianships – Guardianships and Conservatorships – Craft
2- Developmental Disabilities Council Overview
3- Into to Independent Futures that Work – Independent Futures That Work
Session 4:
1- Youth In Action; The Colby Act


Elmore Understanding the IEP – Presentation
Dispute Resolution Process Comparison Chart (pdf)
Information to Share About My Child (pdf)

Bell Curve and Scores Sheet – 2/16/22
Effective Communication Letter Writing Guide
Back to School Behaviors Handouts – 8/02/21 (Autauga County)