5/09/24 AFAPA Ready for the IEPSlides and Handouts

Raising the Standards Conference Handouts
Session 1: April 8 pm

– Welcome from APEC: Teresa Moulton
– Growing Up with Dyslexia: Limuel Eubanks, M. ED, M.F.A, PreK-12 Arts Education Director, Mississippi Department of Education
– THINK College Panel: Amy Williamson – SEAP slides

Session 2: April 9 am
– Flip the Switch: Turn OFF Anxiety and Turn ON Life! by Hettie Johnson, MA CCC/SLP Speech-Language Pathologist
– The Prevention Initiative to Protect Alabama Youth (Prerecorded): Jeff Davis, Fowler Davis Ideas in Motion
– PRETTS: Tasha Betts-Harrison – Pre ETS and Transition Services slides

Session 3: April 9 pm
– How the Media Can Be Your Friend: Tricia Powell-Cain, Senior Education Reporter
– What Every Parent Should Know About Planning for Independence: Jennifer McInerney, Parmer Lay Attorney
– Alabama’s Early Intervention System, A Step Ahead: Amy Blakeney, ADRS/Division of Early Intervention Director – A Step Ahead slides

Session 4: April 10 am
– Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library in Alabama: Lilleta Jenkins, Director of Community Outreach and Engagement, Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education – AL Imagination Library Slides, Registration Form (USA Bilingual)
– All Kids/All Babies (Services and Benefits): Erica Hornton, Outreach and Education Worker
– BCBA and ABA, Clarifying Expectations: D. Reed Bechtel – ABA and BCBA Slides

Session 5: April 10 pm
– Focus MD (Prerecorded): Dr. Tenequa Moore – Focus MD (ADHD) Slides
– Safe at Home: Melissa Walters, Safe at Home – Safe In Home slides
– Coordinated Set of Activities and A Results Oriented Process – What Employment Transition Services Should Look Like: Andrea Mixson, Sr. Staff Attorney, Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program

Session 6: April 11 am
– Special Education Transition Planning for a Full Life: Jeana Winter, APEC – Special Ed Transition slides
– TBD: Ashley Crawley, Special Education Panel
– PEER Support: Nicholas Sneed, Director of PEER Services


Individualized-Education-Program pdf handout for 12/6/22 training

The 2022 AL PTI Raising the Standards Conference
Session 1:
1- How Communication plans Benefit Children and Youth with Hearing Impairments and Those who are Deaf – Beyond the check box – PowerPoint, ALHV V12 Communication Plan
2- Traumatic Brain Injury Screening, Diagnosis, Services and Supports in AL – TBI Presentation
3- Independent Living Here We Come Check List – Independent Living, Here We Come
4- Underdiagnoses of Girls and Women with ADHD – Underdiagnoses of ADHD in Girls & Women

Session 2:
1- Hispanic Outreach for Families Impacted bi IDD – Hispanic Families
2- Early Intervention Basics What’s New in AL – Early Intervention: A Step Ahead
3- Your Mental Health Matters –Your Mental Health Matters PowerPoint
2022 CMHAW Calendar, Children’s Mental Health Awareness vs. Acceptance Infographic, Children’s Mental Health Week Activities 2022, Fact Sheet – Accepting Reality, Fact Sheet – Adapting After Trauma and Stress, Fact Sheet – Dealing with Anger and Frustration, Fact Sheet – Getting Out of Thinking Traps, Fact Sheet – Processing Big Changes, Fact Sheet – Taking Time for Yourself, GBT_ForKids (1), GBT_ForParents, GBT_ForTeens, mendepression-508_142046, MHM 2021 – Additional Resources

Session 3:
1- Guardianships, Conservatorships and Less Restrictive Alternatives  – Guardianships and Conservatorships 
2- Supporting Work for Young Adults – Transition, Waivers, SSI Work Supports
3- Introduction to Independent Futures that Work – Independent Futures That Work

Session 4:
1- Youth In Action; The Colby Act


Understanding the IEP – Training for 2/15/2022
Elmore Understanding the IEP – Presentation
Dispute Resolution Process Comparison Chart (pdf)
Information to Share About My Child (pdf)

Bell Curve and Scores Sheet – 2/16/22
Effective Communication Letter Writing Guide
Back to School Behaviors Handouts – 8/02/21 (Autauga County)

2021 AL PTI Raising the Standards Conference
Conference Session 1

1– Early Intervention Services and Updates – Amy Blakeney
2– AL Special Education Services Updates – Dr. Dalee Chambers PowerPoint
3Accessing Pre Employment and Transition Services and FAQs– Tasha Harrison-Betts

Conference Session 2
1–  Understanding the Difference Between COVID Impact Relief Services and Compensatory Education and How to Access Services – Nancy Anderson and Jeana Winter, Recovering from Lost Learning PowerPoint, COVID IMPACT COMPENSATORY ED CHECKLIST
2– Autism and Accessing Supports to Meet the Needs of Your Child – Dr. Doris Hill, Accessing Supports PowerPoint
3– Parent Leadership in AL – Tish McInnis,  PowerPoint: Parent Involvement Matters!

Conference Session 3
1– Mental Health and Emotional Needs, Dr. Dale Wiseley, PowerPoint: Mental health and our youth
2Independent Futures the Work! – Katrina Wellborn
3Supports and Services for Families – Teresa Moulton

Conference Session 4
1– Understanding Social Security Administration and Work Incentives -Andrea Mixson, Hand outs: Benefits Counseling, Impairment related work expenses, Planning Employment Goals, Laura’s Story, Medicare and Medicaid Employment Supports, Need to Know when Turn 18 SSA, Shileta’s Story, SSI For Youth who want to Work, 3 Biggest Myths
2– Getting and Keeping the First Job- Karen Wisenbaker and Other hand outs: PowerPoint, Resume Example, Building a resume, Action plan


Autism Demonstration

Intellectual Disability Demonstration Activity

Learning Disability Demonstration

ALPTI Raising the Standards Conference 2019

Session A 1: Skills for Effective Parent Advocacy

Session A 2: Access your Community using LifeCourse Materials and the Full Life Ahead Plan for Success

Session B 1: How Parents Can Help a Struggling Reader PowerPoint

Session B.1 Helping Your Struggling Elementary Aged Reader Handouts

Session B 2: ABA Treatment and State-Mandated Health Insurance Funding

Session B 3: Family Voices of AL – What’s Health Got To Do With Education

Session C 1: Self Care that Makes Sense

Session C 2: Why Soft Skills Matter to Career Success

Session C 3: You Need a Screwdriver, Not a Hammer”: Tools for Coping with an Atypical Child

Session D 1: Behavioral Cues of Abuse, Neglect, or Mistreatment in Children with Communication Barriers

Session D 2: Making Informed LRE Placement and School Choice Decisions Handout


July 2018 Summer Professional Learning Conference: Special Education Family Engagement Strategies

July 2018 Summer Professional Learning Conference: Parent and Family Engagement in Special Education Transitions

CEC 2018 Presentation Engaging Families  (3 MB PPT file)

PTI 2018 Raising the Standards Conference Handouts  (1.65 MB PDF file)

Raising Standards Conference APAID presentation  (1.10 MB PDF file)

Alabama Parent Transition Manual  (3.19 MB PDF)


PTI 2017 Part 1 Raising the Standards Conference Handouts (2MB PDF file)

PTI 2017 Part 2a Raising the Standards Conference Handouts (3.5MB PDF file)

PTI 2017 Part 2b Raising the Standards Conference Handouts (3.5MB PDF file)

PTI 2017 Part 3 Raising the Standards Conference Handouts (1MB PDF file)


PTI 2016 Part 1 Raising the Standards Conference Handouts (3 MB PDF file)

PTI 2016 Part 2 Raising the Standards Conference Handouts (3 MB PDF file)

PTI 2016 Full Raising the Standards Conference Handouts (21 MB PDF file)

AL PTI Advisory Committee – 2016 (2 MB PDF file)


PTI 2015 Part 1 Raising the Standards Conference Handouts (3MB PDF file)

PTI 2015 Part 2 Raising the Standards Conference Handouts (3MB PDF file)