FamilyFamilies change but parenting is forever.

Many families restructure through marriage, separation, divorce, remarriage, or civil unions.  However, the needs of children involved in these restructuring situations never change.

All children benefit from caring adult relationships that provide structure, love, and support in any family structure.

APEC provides Cooperative Parenting training sessions that assist adults in family transition to better understand and support their children.

Cooperative Parenting participants better understand how to peacefully communicate and resolve parental disputes while supporting the needs of their children.

Training assists participants with understanding:

  • Family restructuring from the child’s perspective.
  • How to develop better communication with their child.
  • How to develop better communication with their child’s other parent.
  • Family restructuring.
  • Resources to assist families during and after restructuring.

If you would like to attend Cooperative Parenting training, check out our calendar for upcoming classes.
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