Alabama Parent Training & Information Center

The AL PTI project provides information and services to Alabama families with children ages birth to twenty-six with disabilities. The program is designed to empower and enable them to work collaboratively with schools and agencies to improve services for their children. Learn more about the program.

Youth Transition Project

The goal of the youth transition project is to assist teens with special circumstances such as learning or physical disabilities in their transition from youth to young adult. The program covers a wide spectrum of services to support a smooth transition. Learn more.

School Improvement Services (SIS)

APEC works with Alabama schools providing training, information, and support to improve education through family engagement.  Parents and families can directly impact children’s learning. When parents are involved, students achieve more, exhibit more positive attitudes and behavior, and feel more comfortable in new settings. Learn more about the program.

Growing In Literacy

APEC encourages and promotes the love of reading and literacy among children. Through donations, APEC offers a free one-time gift of books to children in Elmore County ages birth to five. We hope that children will be excited about the books and enjoy the gift of reading whether with a loved one or on their own. Learn more about the program.

Cooperative Parenting

Families change but parenting is forever. Many families restructure through marriage, separation, divorce, remarriage, or civil unions but, the needs of children don’t change.  All children benefit from caring adult relationships that provide structure, love, and support in any family structure.  Learn more about the program.

Special Families

Our Special Families project provides both primary and secondary training and awareness to families and those who serve them. We provide prevention services to parents of children with disabilities to assist them in parenting their children and connecting with other families and community resources.  We also provide prevention services to agency personnel and the community at large to increase awareness of disability related issues. Learn more about the program.

Dedicated Parents

Dedicated Parents will help incarcerated parents to responsibly connect emotionally and financially with their children prior to release from the Alabama Department of Corrections (DOC).  We will also provide secondary prevention education services to engage fathers to be actively involved in their children’s lives upon release. Learn more about the program.

Fathers and Families Forward

All children deserve a loving parent who is actively involved in their life. 
The Alabama Parent Education Center’s Fathers and Families Forward program, in partnership with Elmore County Department of Human Resources, and Elmore County District Circuit Court Child Support Division, provides programming to assist Elmore County parents to connect with their children legally, emotionally, and financially. Learn more about the program.

Independent Futures that Work

“Independent Futures That Work” is a joint project of Parent Centers across Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.  This center will provide training and information that will empower and support youth in transition to access independent living and employment as they transition to adult lives.  This project supports youth, their families, and professionals to improve their capacity to support youth with disabilities on their journey. Learn more about the program.

To learn more or enroll your child, contact our center. 
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